Nature Photography

Finding Peace in Autumn

When we look at our world today, all that is visible sometimes in chaos. The stresses of our personal lives and the world at large can become, at times, overwhelming. It is in these moments that I look to the intricate parts of Nature that work together in harmonious interconnection. During this time of year, especially one can watch and listen to the sweet music of Nature as everything slowly and methodically works itself into place for winter. The birds must fly south to escape the cold, with the promise of returning in the spring. The acorns must fall so that the squirrels can dash about collecting food for the long winter months. The trees must lose their leaves, and all that must happen will. That is the true beauty of Nature in Autumn; that no matter how hectic the world around it is, Nature will always carry on as it should.

By James Vespoli

Writer, Photographer, and Managing Operator of Wild Cape Press LLC

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