Nature Photography

Life in a Summers Afternoon

Life is like a Summers afternoon,
Sometimes calm and placid with a gentle breeze,
Then just when peace has taken root, a thunderstorm booms over the horizon,
Driving rain and flashes of lightning terrify you,
But the sun comes back out again,
And when the storm passes, a sense of purpose and calm remains.

-James D. Vespoli

Nature Photography

Simple Connections

Fog encases the trees,
Swallows sing out overhead,
Slowly the path goes on,
Passed fields and farms,
Rivers and streams.

In these moments, you can hear it,
Nature singing to the rhythm of the earth,
Each living creature is connected.

Every twist and turn of the path is a guide,
To a realization,
That nature is our nation,
Our connection is as deep as the birds above,
And the crickets at our feet.

Nature Photography

Reconnecting to Nature

This time of year, it can be challenging to connect with the natural world. Between the cold weather and busy schedules that often plague the winter months, it is so important to find time to reconnect with nature. I often find myself in need of a hike, even a short one, at some point during the winter. I would recommend it, especially during these challenging times. There is nothing that brings me peace, like being in nature once again.

Nature Photography

The Sun and the Sea

I meander down the wooden planks into the dark world ahead. I follow the crashing sound of waves coming from the mighty sea shrouded by the dark cloak of the night—warm summer air dances across my skin like a joyful melody. Soon my feet leave the planks and hit fine powered sand. I shuffle further as the night begins to lift, and the sea begins to reveal herself. Soon a hue of newborn light goes streaking across the heavenly sky. Then the sun bursts seemingly from under the sea. The world is immediately filled with color. I stand before the lavender, pink, and orange sky, listening to the rhythm of the waves and the still, gentle music of the earth.