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Blustery Days

Cool spring air blows in on the backs of dark gray clouds,
As the ominous giants clear,
The sky opens to a gentle shade of blue.

Birds swoop through the air,
Returning from their southerly respite,
Fish leap from the water to kiss the crisp vernal air,
Awakened from their winter slumber,
They know the beauty and warmth the future will bring.

Gone are the icy days,
Filled with dark and snow,
Here are the blustery spring days,
May there be many more.

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Hopeful Determination

We have been through the cold night of that; there is no doubt. Yet battered, bruised, and grieving, we now emerge, just as the tumultuous icy clutches of winter give way to a tranquil spring. We now watch as the cold despair which has so long encased us now melts into hopeful determination.

Nature Poetry Wildlife Photography

A Cool Vernal Spring

Our flighty friends return from far-off shores,
Soaring in on the backs of a springtime breeze,
That glides through their feathers as smooth as velvet.

Gone is the ice and snow,
Replaced by vibrant green leaves,
And an azure sky,
Placid tranquility reigns supreme,
In this world of beauty and warmth.

That is what springtime means,
Rebirth of color and life,
Which flows like a cool vernal spring,
Through the hearts of all living things.