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Sunlight over the Mountains

The sun cascaded down the mountainside like an eternal waterfall,
Soft golden light shimmered against the hazy green of the trees below,
Eagles soared overhead letting out a bellowing call.

Nature, in all her grandeur putting on a show,
These moments are glimpses of divine peacefulness,
Which feed the soul and flow endlessly,
Like sunlight over the mountains.

Posted in Nature Photography, Nature Poetry

Kissed by the Light

A cool river rushes on through the lush green forest,
Little streams of light break through the clouds,
Kissing the top of the water.

A Trout rises, and it too is kissed by the light,
Its rainbow scales shimmering as it falls back under the surface,
Then darting on downstream like a burst of lightning under the surface.

Birch and Ash trees take to the sky like giants,
Seemingly ever-rising in search of the sun,
There is a gentle peace that floats on the summer breeze,
Tickling the wildflowers as it passes by.