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The Birds We Search For

For years I searched in vain,
Through frigid winters and icy rain,
And sweltering summers that melted my soul,
I yearned for a shot,
And I came close.

On a deep snowy mountain, I caught a glimpse,
I grabbed for my camera,
Oh, I did dash,
But he was gone in a flash.

When crossing the river on a warm spring day,
He sat on a stump,
Only meters away,
Yet as I saw his feathers sway,
In the cool breeze of May,
I knew then he would get away.

Oh, I searched far and wide,
Chasing every call,
Only to watch him glide.

Then one autumn day,
I awoke from a slumber,
And started to take a picture of all nature’s wonder.

Suddenly as my lens focused,
There he was right on my screen,
After all my yearning,
And all my learning (and frankly all my sun burning),
He perched on a tree pecking away,
And my camera clicked and clicked away,
Then I finally got my shot among the autumn crocus.

By James Vespoli

Writer, Photographer, and Managing Operator of Wild Cape Press LLC

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