Nature Photography Nature Poetry

Springs Revival

Springs revival,
Soft and true,
Flutters through the air.

The gentle evening light shines across the pond,
While the swans harmoniously dip and swim on,
Things that are complicated now become clear,
And life somehow becomes less severe.

Nature Photography Nature Poetry

A Starlight View

The cedars groaned in the vernal breeze,
As the stars twinkled on in the eternal sky,
The darkness lay like a blanket over the gentle night,
Waiting ever so patiently for the light,
And there I stood in the bright moonlight.

Oh for the light I’d dreamt,
But for now the night will do,
Until again I see the lights beautiful hue.

Nature Photography Nature Poetry

Pink Clouds

The pink clouds float on,
Against the brilliant blue sky,
While the setting sun leaves a golden hue.

Spring rolls on,
Amidst the brilliant splendor of life,
Yearning to break free into bright summer.