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The Path

A splendid note I heard as I walked along the path,
The gentle gleeful chirping came from among the tall grass,
I followed the little birds call until I ran out of the path,
When I did, I slipped and slid,
And came tumbling down with a crash.

Collecting myself, I looked up, and a beautiful pond before me lay,
There he stood at the edge of the wood among the pine trees sway,
He seemed to give me a wink and, in a blink and took off into the summer’s day.

I sat at the edge of the pond taking in the scene,
A world of lavender, blue, and striking forest green,
The gentle ripples of the waves seemed to dance and play as if something unforeseen.

This I will say of that merry day,
That the little bird lead me down the path,
When I slipped and fell, it seemed a kind of spell came over me with a flash,
And since that day, all I can say is that beauty surrounds us all,
From farm to town and all around,
I see it everywhere and cannot help but laugh.

By James Vespoli

Writer, Photographer, and Managing Operator of Wild Cape Press LLC

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