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A Day on Lake Wallenpaupack

A gentle Mallard swims to the edge of the boat,
Webbed feet dancing in the glistening water,
His shiny green head bobs up and down with the current,
My Golden doodle leans out as far as he can,
Exploring the smells and sounds of his new friend,
He leans and sniffs until being at the very edge,
Finally, we heave him back toward the middle of the skiff,
To keep him from splashing in.

Oh, the wondrous days,
The simple pleasures of joy and happiness,
There is nothing flashy about days like these,
For they are ordinary in many ways,
But in truth, in their simplicity is their power,
Connecting hearts and minds in joy,
When there is so much struggle and pain that surrounds,
This world is a challenge,
But a day on Wallenpaupack is a balm for the spirit.

By James Vespoli

Writer, Photographer, and Managing Operator of Wild Cape Press LLC

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