Nature Photography Nature Poetry

A Rainy Afternoon

The rains fell from heaven above,
Gently kissing the feathers of a Mourning Dove,
A rainy day filled with beauty and love.

The sun hid its gentle warmth,
And powerful winds blew from the north,
But the day’s beauty changed me henceforth.

It was not one that others would remark,
Indeed some would call it damp and dark,
But to me, it seemed perfect as I listened to the singing of a Lark.

Nature Photography Nature Poetry

Springs Repent

Osprey feathers sway in the golden light
as the heat of the day gives into cool night
those were the days of youth, so grand
where time stretched on like endless sand.

Now as winter beings to descent
the spring air calls to repent 
for the ice and snow
soon that summer wind will blow.

Nature Photography Nature Poetry

What I’ve Found

I went whirling around the twists of time
Churning and aching in the deep sublime
Beautiful scenes and a well-used prime.

I’ve seen frozen lakes and towering pine
Searching evermore for a sign
That there is more to this life of mine.

Among all of this beauty I have found
That there is so much on this ground
So much more that does abound.

Nature Poetry

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