Nature Photography Nature Poetry

Time Wandering By

A cool breeze shook the maple leaves
As the spring sun shrouded everything in ease
The golden hour when even time dances with the trees.

Sunlight frolicking, seeming to fly
That beautiful light warmed my inward eye
Hazel, orange, and blue are painted across the sky.

The sunlight fading made me grin
Though the ending of such perfection seemed a sin
But any day when beauty reigns can only be a win.

Nature Photography Nature Poetry

Ever Flowing

The gentle gurgling of the river flowing,
Enlivens my heart’s sublime growing,
Through the lime-green trees, life is showing,
The path to deepened knowing.

Moments of beauty laced with pain,
Are chances to grow and learn again,
Doing all we can to keep ourselves sane.

Through it all, there is a path,
To that beautiful lime-green grass,
Away from anger and needless wrath.

Nature Photography Nature Poetry

A Canoe Trip

My Canoe hits the water with a splash,
The water is calm and still like glass,
Loons call out, setting the tone for this natural Mass.

That vernal sun ran across the fading sky,
Deep burgundy washing away man’s need to lie,
A perfect show no money could buy.