Nature Photography Nature Poetry

Mountains Rise with Gentle Grace

The pine trees soared through the air,
Indeed, there was something special there,
A place where no beauty could God spare.

From summer’s clean, crisp morning air,
To winters cutting icy glare,
Glistening like a jewel, so very rare.

I know not if I will make it back to this place,
Where mountains rise with gentle grace,
Somewhere out of time and space.

If I do make it to that land,
Where only beauty may stand,
I hope I will be humble toward it so very grand.

Nature Photography Nature Poetry

Nature’s Immortal Link

A golden hue clung to the sweet summer air,
I could not say how long my feathered friend was there,
With brown wings and fierce eyes, all I could do was stare.

His power and grace made me think,
Of Nature’s immortal link,
That binds us even as we stand on the brink.

And as he soared off toward the setting sun,
I felt a hope deep inside me run,
A feeling that something had just begun.