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Nature’s Remnants

A Mallard cuts through the glassy waters,
Golden Eagles soar across the azure expanse of the sky,
The mighty wind blows the birch trees in veneration toward the heavens,
Pine trees rise from the crashing waves of the mighty sea,
They stand roots locked, bracing against time and tide.

There is still a place like this,
North of chaos and despair,
Far from the cities,
A place where Nature reigns supreme,
And the gentle roar of the wilderness captures the hearts of all who see it.

This land challenges you,
Brains and brawn,
But it rewards those who persevere,
With beauty that only some have the mettle to behold.

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An Osprey at Sunset

Atop the cliff he stands,
Sharp eyes piercing the waves,
Like a spark, he takes to the sky.

Plummeting toward the sea graceful and precise,
He plunges in talons first,
Grasping the helpless fluke in his icy clutches.

Then just as swiftly as he struck,
He flys toward the horizon,
As the Maine sun slowly sets into night.

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Deep in the Cool Maine Woods

Deep in the cool Maine woods,
There is life tucked away from the frantic chaos,
Where tranquility and Nature reign.

Among the evergreens and lakes,
The gentle beauty of silence still exists,
While the world rants and raves,
In this place, the order of Nature moves on,
As it has for thousands of years.

Sunrise and sunset are filled with peace,
And the call of the Loon is the only sound that breaks silence’s lease.