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Yearning for Spring

I stand at the base of the snow-covered mountains,
These great Adirondack giants are waiting patiently for spring,
Pine and birch lay dormant in the promise of what’s to come,
Like the night yearns for the dawn,
So do these mighty mountains ache for the vernal sun,
For the Loon to call from the placid lakes below,
Beckoning the breath of life from the heavens onto all that lay below,
Rejuvenating this tundra from desolate ice to sublime grandeur.

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A Season of Rebirth

As the frigid winds of winter take their last bow,
And snow and ice melt to their gentler form,
The sun shines a little brighter than the winter days of yore.

The wondrous rhythm of birds arriving from the south,
Signals rebirth as it has many times before,
But in the midst of nature’s return to form,
There is a sign of the rebirth that nature does adore,
That of the new life, of the one that lives forevermore.

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The Path to Oneself

The forest teemed with life as we elevated further into the dense wilderness. Golden Eagles and Osprey soared above the canopy while red squirrels and chipmunks darted between the vegetation on the forest floor. As we climbed, the sweet smell of pine and birch trees drifted gently upon us. In the distance, the azure sky began to cloud, and golden beams of heavenly light descended from above. We climbed each step, becoming heavier on the legs and lungs as we hurled ourselves up the mountainside. Upon reaching the precipice, I strayed from my party and stood alone atop the mountain as I looked down at the mighty sea, endless forest, and soaring birds and found new meaning to the word peace. As we descended, the clouds turned a cream color as that light began to fade, and I observed that perhaps the path to oneself could be found in a forest wilderness.