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A New Beginning

A mist hangs over the morning like a curtain of white,
The cool air rolls across my skin,
Bluebirds twirl in the air above my head,
A feeling of joy overtakes me,
As I move deliberately toward the rolling river.

The white-capped river churns with a newness,
Refreshed by rains of the night before,
It roars as if announcing its rebirth,
The mist bounces off its waves,
With an energy that fills the air around it.

This morning I am like the river,
Refreshed born anew and looking toward the horizon,
Roaring with energy,
Ready for a new beginning.

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The Birds We Search For

For years I searched in vain,
Through frigid winters and icy rain,
And sweltering summers that melted my soul,
I yearned for a shot,
And I came close.

On a deep snowy mountain, I caught a glimpse,
I grabbed for my camera,
Oh, I did dash,
But he was gone in a flash.

When crossing the river on a warm spring day,
He sat on a stump,
Only meters away,
Yet as I saw his feathers sway,
In the cool breeze of May,
I knew then he would get away.

Oh, I searched far and wide,
Chasing every call,
Only to watch him glide.

Then one autumn day,
I awoke from a slumber,
And started to take a picture of all nature’s wonder.

Suddenly as my lens focused,
There he was right on my screen,
After all my yearning,
And all my learning (and frankly all my sun burning),
He perched on a tree pecking away,
And my camera clicked and clicked away,
Then I finally got my shot among the autumn crocus.

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Cabin Reflections

The soft golden morning light glistened off the rain-soaked pines,
An evening of storms reaching its end as the day burst through the night,
That gentle golden hue shrouded the forest in the peace of late a summer haze,
The shimmering leaves rustled in the gentle breeze,
As hummingbirds darted past in the distance,
All signs that despite all the calamity, Nature’s powerful play rolls on.

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Nature’s Remnants

A Mallard cuts through the glassy waters,
Golden Eagles soar across the azure expanse of the sky,
The mighty wind blows the birch trees in veneration toward the heavens,
Pine trees rise from the crashing waves of the mighty sea,
They stand roots locked, bracing against time and tide.

There is still a place like this,
North of chaos and despair,
Far from the cities,
A place where Nature reigns supreme,
And the gentle roar of the wilderness captures the hearts of all who see it.

This land challenges you,
Brains and brawn,
But it rewards those who persevere,
With beauty that only some have the mettle to behold.