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Wildflowers Dancing in the Breeze

I walked down the old worn path,
Like I had so many times before,
Following in the footsteps of someone I could not recognize.

Head down, I trudged on with direct purpose,
On this day, though, some color caught my eye,
Pink and violet burst through my gray world,
Wildflowers dancing in the calm vernal breeze,
Swaying and bouncing ringing in the day,
My heart felt light,
As I watched them sway.

After pausing for a long while,
I moved on to walk another mile,
But my world was no longer gray as the flowers danced in my head, leaving me with peace and a smile.

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Hope and Clarity

Birds chirp in ever-abundant merriment, building nests in preparation for what is to come. In this time of rebirth, the rain that pours like eternal tears from heaven brings about the sunny joys ahead. There is much work to prepare, but once the sky clears and the warmth remains, the season of hope and clarity will be upon us.