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Cabin Reflections

The soft golden morning light glistened off the rain-soaked pines,
An evening of storms reaching its end as the day burst through the night,
That gentle golden hue shrouded the forest in the peace of late a summer haze,
The shimmering leaves rustled in the gentle breeze,
As hummingbirds darted past in the distance,
All signs that despite all the calamity, Nature’s powerful play rolls on.

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Summer Serenity

A whip-poor-will calls out in the distance,
The wind blows strong over the placid lake,
Daffodils gleefully dance on the shore.

Even in the midst of the world’s chaos,
With the waves of calamity everywhere,
There still time for the serenity of a summer day.

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Whispers of the Wind

Purple and amber bursts through the fleeing clouds,
A cooling breeze cuts through the humid air,
The trees shake, and flowers bow.

As the clouds blew on,
And the sun began to recede down the horizon,
The displays of color would fill the greatest painters with envy.

Lavender, orange, yellow, and pink,
A show of divine proportion,
Perhaps a revelation,
For those who listen to the whispers of the wind,
And look for the shades of wisdom in the sky.