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A Spring Storm

Frigid spring air,
Rolling dark clouds against an azure sky,
Pink blossoms fall like a gentle snow,
Onto bright green grass.

A Robin stands in the distance,
Redbreast glistening in the fading sun,
Worm hanging from his mouth,
As the wind picks up,
He heads for cover.

The rain begins with a sprinkle,
Building to a thundering roar,
As if someone opened the floodgates of heaven,
A bolt of lightning dances across the sky in the distance,
Like a dangerous ballerina pirouetting across a tempestuous sky.

Tree branches clatter in the raging winds,
Virgin leaves and pink blossoms,
Are scattered across the landscape.

Then, as swiftly as a hawk gliding across the heavens,
The torrent of rain begins to slow,
Dark gray clouds begin to roll out,
The wind returns to a gentler pace,
And the storm is gone.

That warm spring sun breaks through,
The sky clears, and the blossoms dazzle in the sun,
The Robin then hops out of his hiding place,
In search of another worm,
And nature’s joyful spring work carries on.

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Gentle Moments of Nature

The fresh scent of a crisp spring evening,
Warm light dancing off a shimmering stream,
A Bluebird glides along on a velvet breeze.

Robins hop about merrily in search of a worm,
The placid vernal wind rustles the lime green early spring leaves,
And an Owl stands on a branch above it all,
Watching the sun dip below the mountain,
As dusk slowly encroaches.

These are the gentle moments of nature,
Where there is solace and hope,
And tranquility reigns supreme.

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A Cool Vernal Spring

Our flighty friends return from far-off shores,
Soaring in on the backs of a springtime breeze,
That glides through their feathers as smooth as velvet.

Gone is the ice and snow,
Replaced by vibrant green leaves,
And an azure sky,
Placid tranquility reigns supreme,
In this world of beauty and warmth.

That is what springtime means,
Rebirth of color and life,
Which flows like a cool vernal spring,
Through the hearts of all living things.

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A Winter’s Morning

The sun creeps ever so slowly over the snow-covered mountain,
Cardinals sing out to the new mornings’ arrival,
Cold wind whips over the placid landscape,
A flock of Geese cries out overhead,
As they glide on in V formation.

The tiny creek slowly trickles on as ice floats downstream,
A bright orange Fox leaps through the new-fallen snow in search of breakfast,
The sky above the bucolic scene is painted a light shade of amber,
Giving warmth to the frozen earth below.

Most mornings begin like this,
With balance and tranquility,
Nature’s symphony continuing.