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Autumn has Passed

A golden hue clings to the mountains,
As autumn has passed on her way,
What a dazzling beauty she was,
Oh, what I would give for her to stay.

But gone is the amber and maroon,
All on the ground below,
Now we must look forward,
To winter’s frigid snow.

Did we appreciate her enough?
As the colors lit up the sky,
That we will never know,
All we can do now,
Is prepare for the snow.

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In the Autumn of the Past

Standing at the edge of the water, watching the sun fade out of sight,
Golden leaves streamed down like rays of light,
The world seemed to stop as moments turned to hours and day to night,

I wondered about the thousands before,
Standing on this very shore,
Looking out at the deep azure.

Hope dancing in their hearts like waves,
Or sadness hurling them toward their graves,
Did they wonder how to spend their days?

Or, in hubristic charm,
Did they never have alarm,
And reach for infinity with an outstretched arm.

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Winds from the North

There was a time not so long ago,
Where the flowers bloomed
through the winters snow,
The air was light, and the days were long,
Oh, now, how those days are long gone.

Now comes the icy chill blowing in from the North,
With its dark beauty and frozen domain,
It will test our mettle, brawn, and brain,
But we must get through it if we are to remain.