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Yearning for Spring

I stand at the base of the snow-covered mountains,
These great Adirondack giants are waiting patiently for spring,
Pine and birch lay dormant in the promise of what’s to come,
Like the night yearns for the dawn,
So do these mighty mountains ache for the vernal sun,
For the Loon to call from the placid lakes below,
Beckoning the breath of life from the heavens onto all that lay below,
Rejuvenating this tundra from desolate ice to sublime grandeur.

Posted in Nature Photography, Nature Poetry

Sunlight over the Mountains

The sun cascaded down the mountainside like an eternal waterfall,
Soft golden light shimmered against the hazy green of the trees below,
Eagles soared overhead letting out a bellowing call.

Nature, in all her grandeur putting on a show,
These moments are glimpses of divine peacefulness,
Which feed the soul and flow endlessly,
Like sunlight over the mountains.