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An Evening Paddle

The warm July sun trickles down through the clouds,
Kissing the clear clam waters of the lake,
My kayak cuts through the shimmering scene,
I float on along the deep green marsh grass,
Listening to the sounds of birds, frogs, and bugs all chortling about,
I pause my paddling to take in the wonder of the early evening.

Then sitting on a branch a Kingfisher!
No two!
My fellow paddlers all shout in glee,
As the two majestic birds sail off into the sky.

That’s when I realized there are lessons to be learned from the seat of a kayak,
Lessons that can only be taught on lake during an evening paddle.

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Guided by Beauty

There are moments when reclining by a field of flowers,
Or sitting by a babbling brook,
And soaking up the early summer mist,
That the mind wanders floating with the clouds.

It travels through existence,
Searching for purpose and meaning,
Floating over time,
Viewing strife and pain,
Joy and happiness,
Looking for a reason when the next sunrise comes,
To rise out of bed and, like the sun, become born anew.

As the mind wanders, floating gently with the clouds,
It returns after a while and lingers with the flowers and brook,
Their beauty speaks as they shimmer in the late afternoon sun,
Completely enveloped in the golden hour rays,
That descends like angles from the heavens.

Then the mind transfixed on their beauty begins to understand,
Perhaps the reason to live is guided by beauties hand,
And as the sun creeps further down the horizon, there is a peace that sweeps over the land.

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What Must Birds Think of Us?

What must birds think of us?
Rushing from one place to the next,
Always in a hurry,
Never once basking in the sun.

What must birds think of us?
So careless,
Yet so precise,
Hardly considered what other creatures need.

What must birds think of us?
Some feeding them,
Some loving them,
But all never genuinely understanding them.

What must birds think of us?
When we destroy their forest homes,
Only to build houses,
And plant new trees.

What must birds think of us?
How wonderful,
How dangerous,
How odd must we seem?