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The Great Hope of Summer

A warm breeze hinted with pine passes through the air,
The lake ripples as the fish leap from its cool waters,
Into the glistening sunshine and world above.

Long days melting into cool nights,
All pointing to the gentle rumblings of something deeper,
In this time of life,
One can feel the great hope of summer,
Amidst the unrelenting and undeniable march of time.

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The Path

A splendid note I heard as I walked along the path,
The gentle gleeful chirping came from among the tall grass,
I followed the little birds call until I ran out of the path,
When I did, I slipped and slid,
And came tumbling down with a crash.

Collecting myself, I looked up, and a beautiful pond before me lay,
There he stood at the edge of the wood among the pine trees sway,
He seemed to give me a wink and, in a blink and took off into the summer’s day.

I sat at the edge of the pond taking in the scene,
A world of lavender, blue, and striking forest green,
The gentle ripples of the waves seemed to dance and play as if something unforeseen.

This I will say of that merry day,
That the little bird lead me down the path,
When I slipped and fell, it seemed a kind of spell came over me with a flash,
And since that day, all I can say is that beauty surrounds us all,
From farm to town and all around,
I see it everywhere and cannot help but laugh.

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Back in Time

I’ve many times walked this bank before,
In winters breeze and summers lore,
Reminiscing of the wondrous days of yore.

On this day, I returned fishing, pole in hand,
Clinging as I always had to the very edge of the land,
Straining out sneakers cloaked in the sand.

With a snap of the line,
And a twist of the spine,
I am transported back in time.

To the same place many years before,
Standing on that gentle shore,
Yearning to return evermore.