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The Path to Oneself

The forest teemed with life as we elevated further into the dense wilderness. Golden Eagles and Osprey soared above the canopy while red squirrels and chipmunks darted between the vegetation on the forest floor. As we climbed, the sweet smell of pine and birch trees drifted gently upon us. In the distance, the azure sky began to cloud, and golden beams of heavenly light descended from above. We climbed each step, becoming heavier on the legs and lungs as we hurled ourselves up the mountainside. Upon reaching the precipice, I strayed from my party and stood alone atop the mountain as I looked down at the mighty sea, endless forest, and soaring birds and found new meaning to the word peace. As we descended, the clouds turned a cream color as that light began to fade, and I observed that perhaps the path to oneself could be found in a forest wilderness.

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The Little Oasis

The warm sun sparkled down like rain from heaven,
Shimmering on the backs of the frolicking fish,
Blazing oranges, cool blues, vibrant yellows,
Each their own shade of brilliance
seeming to chortle with joy,
As they sailed through the calm, cool waters of summer.

A strong breeze sweet as lilac rippled the pond,
Tranquility dances in the air,
Far from the turmoil and chaos,
In the little oasis glistening in the sun.

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The Birds We Search For

For years I searched in vain,
Through frigid winters and icy rain,
And sweltering summers that melted my soul,
I yearned for a shot,
And I came close.

On a deep snowy mountain, I caught a glimpse,
I grabbed for my camera,
Oh, I did dash,
But he was gone in a flash.

When crossing the river on a warm spring day,
He sat on a stump,
Only meters away,
Yet as I saw his feathers sway,
In the cool breeze of May,
I knew then he would get away.

Oh, I searched far and wide,
Chasing every call,
Only to watch him glide.

Then one autumn day,
I awoke from a slumber,
And started to take a picture of all nature’s wonder.

Suddenly as my lens focused,
There he was right on my screen,
After all my yearning,
And all my learning (and frankly all my sun burning),
He perched on a tree pecking away,
And my camera clicked and clicked away,
Then I finally got my shot among the autumn crocus.

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Reflections of Early Autumn

The piercing call of a broad-shouldered hawk,
A gentle trickle of sunlight cascading through the trees,
Rainbow Trout rising from a flowing stream,
Golden leaves breaking off from branches and taking to the sky,
And the crisp cool autumn wind pushing out the swollen summer heat.

This is the time of reflection,
Nature’s rebuke of summertime contentment,
Flashing her beauty in a sea of burgundy and gold,
Gentle mornings seemingly painted with a divine brush,
Leading to deep blue afternoon skies,
Ending in the cold darkness that warns of winter’s arrival.

My heart cannot help but dance,
For as leaves blow in the mighty wind,
Does my soul take flight,
With the leaves of burgundy and gold,
Into the autumn night.