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Acadia Sunset

The magical whispers of a cool summer breeze drift over the bay,
The sun retreats beneath the tranquil waters,
Leaving this world teeming with life,
Shrouded in a pink hue.

When one crosses the bridge onto the Island,
Nature, in all her beauty and wisdom, puts on a show,
One can be healed body and soul,
By the Birch, Pine, and the winds that do blow.

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Five Years of Wild Cape Photography

As summer once again barrels forward with reckless abandon (the fifth summer since I started the Wild Cape Photography site). I want to take the time to stop and reflect on what this website has meant to me and hopefully to all of you. It all starts from my belief that the simple beauty of nature is so easy to overlook, and yet it seems more than ever we ought to take our time and enjoy the glorious sights and sounds of nature. With all the calamity in the world today, we must look into nature with the hope of finding something more profound. This time of year, I find I can write more poems, and I am always thrilled when others enjoy my photography and little poetic outbursts. In the summer of 2017, as an Undergraduate College student, I had no intention that five years later, I would still be doing this. I was messing around with a camera and a few poorly constructed poems in an attempt to express my love of nature to others. Almost half a decade later, it has become part of who I am, photographing nature and writing poems about what I see. I am so grateful to those who subscribe to get the email updates or follow me on Instagram as well as anyone who reads my work. I am genuinely thankful to those of you who have stuck with me for the last five years as I have (hopefully) grown as a photographer, writer, and person. I hope my photography and poetry have brightened a few otherwise gloomy days. Overall, I look forward to keeping Wild Cape Photography and Press going for many years to come.


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The Great Hope of Summer

A warm breeze hinted with pine passes through the air,
The lake ripples as the fish leap from its cool waters,
Into the glistening sunshine and world above.

Long days melting into cool nights,
All pointing to the gentle rumblings of something deeper,
In this time of life,
One can feel the great hope of summer,
Amidst the unrelenting and undeniable march of time.

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The Path

A splendid note I heard as I walked along the path,
The gentle gleeful chirping came from among the tall grass,
I followed the little birds call until I ran out of the path,
When I did, I slipped and slid,
And came tumbling down with a crash.

Collecting myself, I looked up, and a beautiful pond before me lay,
There he stood at the edge of the wood among the pine trees sway,
He seemed to give me a wink and, in a blink and took off into the summer’s day.

I sat at the edge of the pond taking in the scene,
A world of lavender, blue, and striking forest green,
The gentle ripples of the waves seemed to dance and play as if something unforeseen.

This I will say of that merry day,
That the little bird lead me down the path,
When I slipped and fell, it seemed a kind of spell came over me with a flash,
And since that day, all I can say is that beauty surrounds us all,
From farm to town and all around,
I see it everywhere and cannot help but laugh.