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New Years Day

On this blessed new year’s day
It is easy to only see decay
In the midst of bleak winter’s fray.

Yet on this icy winter morn
Let all hearts leap
And all souls be reborn
Rousing from their somber sleep.

Soaring on their golden wings
Seeing hope and beauty in all things
From the greatest to the small
There is wonder in them all.

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A Winter Squall

The deep dark night fell upon me like a spell
As gentle skies turn into a frozen swell
Icy snow blinded closing in like a frozen cell.

Trees swayed against the endless black, Nowhere to turn and no way back
So I sat in the squall, consumed by this frigid attack.

Just as the flame of hope flickered in my mind, The wind lessened, and the winter moon shined I followed the light back to the path my footprints lined
Feeling a hope unable to be defined.

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Icy Fire

When the artic winds come roaring in,
Like a lion lit with icy fire,
And nature burrows into its slumber,
That’s when I awaken.

Hemmed in by the crowds of summer,
Swollen in the heat and ease,
Finally, I break free, bursting over icy meadows,
Surging over roaring lakes,
While they all huddle by the fire,
Spurning the frosty days,
I pray, oh how I pray,
For the frigid days,
The solitude and peace.

The cold is my companion,
Razor sharp winds my shield,
As I glide over the frozen field,
So when the snow comes, do not despair,
For it’s the ice that comes to make all things clear.